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Silestone Quartz

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Transform your kitchen or bathroom with quartz counters featuring Silestone quartz colors. Silestone countertops are designed for extreme durability. These options are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms with heavy daily use.
Advantages of choosing Silestone quartz over other options include:
  • Wide selection of colors
  • Impact and stain resistance
  • 25-year Silestone warranty
  • Composed of sustainable materials
Silestone is a hybrid material made from a combination of quartz, premium minerals, and recycled materials. Silestone uses innovative technology to provide a more sustainable countertop solution. High-quality Silestone quartz counters work well in any kitchen or bath.
Silestone quartz colors offer endless possibilities when it comes to finding the right style, hue, and texture. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to fit your preferences. Options range from light to dark and include monochrome and natural colors.
You can also pick between polished, suede, and rough textures. Polished Silestone counters have a glossy, smooth texture that helps bring out the intensity of the colors. A suede finish creates a softer, more subdued look.
All options are highly resistant to stains and damage from impact. You can expect Silestone countertops to last for decades, no matter the thickness of the slab.
Browse Silestone quartz colors below or give us a call to view more choices.

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Enjoy your Silestone quartz counters for decades to come with professional installation from Quartz Tops Center. We are the leading quartz installers in the tri-state area. You can rely on us for expert installation at the best prices. Proper installation helps reduce the risk of issues down the road.
We can also help you compare options and select the colors that best match your tastes and budget. Our professional installers then install your new Silestone counters.
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